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The Art

Aperture Monthly
This was the first  take, I think it looks better this  way.

So I may be elected to run the university's magazine. This actually falls in line with my habit of getting into things I have NO idea how to do.

In order to build some sort of skill and/or familiarity with a few of the facets of running/creating a publication, I decided to learn how to use PhotoShop  and InDesign, both programs commonly used for  the design and layout of mags. So  after my first few hours of experimenting with PS and countless hours of Portal 2,  I made these:

This one suits the coloration of the Co-op Testing Initiative
from the game, so this works.

As far as  covers go, I'd like to think this is reasonable. That and I really enjoyed coming up with the jokes.

I'll have to get to making another mock cover for the actual mag, but that'll happen when I have the content I need.  That's it for now, I'll get back to updates soon ;D