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Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Way I See It: Super Mario 3D World

The Way I See It is a category of pieces that represent my personal opinions or reasoning on subjects I enjoy or have a lot to say about. Though at times the write-ups may be built on well-researched and verified information, as a general statement, I do not speak with absolute authority on any given matter covered. Thank you for your time.

So for the first one of these, I wanted to talk about Super Mario 3D World, a game in the Super Mario series released back in 2013 on the Wii U. More specifically, I wanted to address a topic that I've seen come and go often on forums and discussions in the Mario fan-base:

Is Super Mario 3D World a true 3D Mario game?

Thursday, December 8, 2016

The Nintendo Switch: My Initial Thoughts and Analysis

About two months ago, on Friday, October 20th, Nintendo released a sneak-peek reveal (which you can watch here) of their upcoming game console, formerly known as codename NX. This new hardware is the Nintendo Switch, a console-handheld hybrid thats meant to provide a new experience by bridging the gap between those two worlds.

I thought that this was an incredibly interesting reveal, not to mention the unprecedented timing and lead-up thats had a lot of folks in the gaming community on their toes for months. The whole things been so exciting, in fact, that I wanted to write up my thoughts and observations of what weve seen so far. The contents of this post are sort of a work in progress because theres a lot to break down and consider, so Ill be coming back to it and adding more if and when something comes to mind.