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Thursday, May 25, 2017

My Favorite Gaming Moments Vol #3

 This is a series of posts that present my favorite gaming experiences throughout the years. All of the following content is personal opinion and reflects no statement of general quality or value with regards to what others may enjoy.

Getting to know my Totodile

Look at that smile!

I started Pokemon Crystal three different times before I made my first save.

I got my Gameboy Color in the middle of a school week when I was in second grade. The first time I started the game, I was on the car ride to school and managed to get outside of Elm's lab before having to turn it off. For the second time, I actually managed to pick my favorite starter, Cyndaquil, but didn't save for the same reason as before. By the third time, I was rushing through to get things over with and start playing. This somehow lead to me accidentally picking Totodile. Not only was he not the Pokemon I preferred, but he was the one I had the least interest in outright. I was so dismayed that I didn't even give him a nickname. Between going through the whole process again and continuing the game, I chose to just live with the mistake and move on.

I have no regrets at all.

Like a lot of kids, I wasn't all that strategic of a Pokemon trainer. I didn't capture every Pokemon I saw and didn't train different ones to type match against opponents. Instead, I trained and fought with my starter almost exclusively from when I got him as a Totodile until he became a Feraligator, catching the Pokemon I thought looked cool along the way. Needless to say, he became a power house of one-hit KOs, landing devastating blows that got us through pretty much any situation.

Because he was such a prominent part of my adventure and my go-to partner throughout all the great moments I experienced in the game, I grew to finally appreciate him without reservation. Although Cyndaquil is still my favorite Pokemon in general terms, my favorite starter that I've ever had across the series will always be Totodile, and I look back fondly at our journey even now.

The End of Super Mario 3D World

Even the end credits sequence was a great time.

This one got a few big smiles out of me.

Just when I thought that things were over after beating World Castle, the game let out to the excellent World Bowser, which closed off with an unforgettable boss fight that really turns things on their head. I was ready for the game to end after acknowledging the pleasant surprise and excellent pay off it had already given me, but then it happened again!

This was already one of the larger games I'd ever played in its genre before the extra content came up, so you might be able to imagine how pleasant it was to be treated to so much more.

In a way, I doubt that this sort of trick can be done twice, but I'm extremely glad that Nintendo did it with 3D World and look forward to Super Mario Odyssey with fond memories of its predecessor in mind.

Getting A Perfect Run in Rhythm Heaven DS 

I hope that I'll manage to perfect every minigame one day. I don't think it's likely, though.

A few years after getting a Nintendo DS, I discovered a little gem called Rhythm Heaven. 

I remember getting through the tutorial and playing "Built to Scale" for the first time. It was a striking experience that had me thoroughly impressed by the incredibly stylish design, novel concept, and quirky music. It took a few trys, but after getting a perfect run through that first mini-game, I knew I was hooked and wholeheartedly buckled-in for the ride.

This is another game where I don't have a singular moment that I hold beyond all others. Instead, every perfect run instilled the same sense of immense satisfaction. Each mini-game gets more and more challenging, and a lot of them were (and admittedly still are) so outlandishly beyond my level of skill that I couldn't help but feel overwhelmed. However, because of that insane difficulty incline, every one that I conquered was ever more gratifying.

Rhythm Heaven DS was my introduction to this excellent series, and I hope that we see a new entry for every Nintendo console moving forward.

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