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Sunday, April 9, 2017

My Favorite Gaming Moments Vol #2

This is a series of posts that present my favorite gaming experiences throughout the years. All of the following content is personal opinion and reflects no statement of general quality or value with regards to what others may enjoy.

Tracking Mila in The Wind Waker

The events that led up to this sidequest were also pretty interesting.

I loved this moment.

The first time I discovered this short sidequest in The Wind Waker, it single-handedly made the game's world feel so much more alive, and that's leaving aside the really interesting dynamic that come with Mila, Maggie, and their fathers.

It's not that this moment is exceptionally notable in general terms, and it's also fairly insignificant relative to the overall game, but I think engaging with something like it actually elevated an experience that had, up until that point, already established itself as incredibly endearing and memorable to me.

Megaman Battle Network 6

I always thought that this was the perfect series for an MMO

This is an odd one.

Because I loved my time with this franchise so much, I got to the climactic point of the last game in the Battle Network series, turned it off, and permanently put it away. I deliberately never finished it because I didn't want that world to be gone. Back then, I decided that as long as I never experienced the resolution, that it'd never really be over.

It sounds strange, and I did eventually vaguely learn how things were wrapped up, but it was important to me at the time to just leave things open so I wouldn't have to move on from the series. I may eventually go back to it one day, but I'm happy to have kept my love of those adventures alive for as long as I did.

Getting Trackmaster Medals in TrackMania Turbo

This game's a really exhilarating experience all around. Like Hot Wheels on crack.

Trackmania awards medals to players based on lap times. You've got your standard Bronze, Silver, and Gold medals, but right above all of those is a Green one. To get it, you need to surpass an unlisted time with no ghost or indication of progress, only just the knowledge that you need to do far better than would otherwise be required for a Gold medal.

That is a Trackmaster medal.

I can't point to a specific medal I got in Trackmania Turbo that stands out above the others, but I definitely look back at my experience with the game as a whole and appreciate the immense satisfaction that came from getting each one. In a way, slowly but surely working my way up to meeting seemingly insurmountable expectations helped reinforce a few life lesson: take things one step at a time, appreciate how every little improvement counts, and that not much really stands in the way of success when drive, patience, and perseverance are in your tool belt.

Also, the Dutchman is the best racer.

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