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Friday, March 31, 2017

My Favorite Gaming Moments Vol #1

This is a series of posts that present my favorite gaming experiences throughout the years. All of the following content is personal opinion and reflects no statement of general quality or value with regards to what others may enjoy.

Catching Suicune in Pokemon Crystal

I still remember every part of this experience so many years ago.

Suicune is actually special to me for more than one reason.

It was why I wanted Pokemon Crystal more than Gold or Silver. As a kid, I didn't know the difference between the Pokemon games on a store shelf, but I thought that Suicune on the cover was the coolest thing ever and wanted Crystal as my first Pokemon game on that merit alone. Suicune also ended up being both my first proper legendary Pokemon and my first use of a Master ball. The second I saw it, I new EXACTLY what I was going to do. There wasn't even a real battle and, by the end of it, I was over the moon with my new catch for weeks. I rarely used Suicune, but I kept it in my party for as long as I played the game and up until I lost it many years ago during a move.

I think everyone that plays Pokemon has a favorite moment and, for me, this was one of the bigger ones.

The end of Phantom Hourglass

He may have been rough on the lead up, but I think he more than makes up for it by the time the credits roll.

Phantom Hourglass is a game that a lot people say wasn't a very memorable game in the Zelda franchise. I disagree, having found it to be a very fun and interesting title in the series.

I thought the touch controls were smart and intuitive, I liked having Ciela 'guide' link by the Stylus tip, and I insist that the usage of the DS hardware is some of the most clever I've seen on the platform outright. There's also Linebeck, a fun character with an interesting personality that ends up being a highlight of the game's climax and conclusion through an uncharacteristic act of selflessness, making for one of my favorite moments in a game outright.

Even if others may not hold it in similar regard, this is a game that I thoroughly enjoyed playing and am definitely glad was made.

The Microwave scene in MGS4

Me and my friends talked about this scene for days.

Though not as affecting now for various reasons, the Microwave scene in MGS4 was a striking moment in my gaming history.

It was the culmination of everything that had led up that moment. I was fast approaching the end of the game, and here I could see everything unrelentingly fall apart in a montage as I pushed forward, barely hanging on, desperately crawling to the end of the hallway. After getting so invested in the story and everything that happened on the way to the closing of Solid Snake's last chapter in the Metal Gear saga, I could hardly keep myself from being overwhelmed with determination as the feeling of hopelessness encroached.

When it's all said and done, I don't look back at this sequence as a particularly important part of the MGS series as a whole, but, in the moment, I can say that itwas incredibly notable for me at the time.

Looking back, I'd apologize to the triangle button on my old Dual Shock 3 if I could.

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