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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

A Zelda Project: Cafe Cucco #3

Cafe Cucco is a short daily project wherein I create fun little hypothetical foods that might be seen in the land of Hyrule. Any lore or descriptions are made up and should not be taken to represent official canon. I hope you enjoy it!

Hello again!

Welcome to day three of our journey! Since we started off with something warm yesterday, today's drink will be a much cooler alternative for you to try out:
This stuff has a lovely glow to it! Functional as a lantern, a mug-full is a great companion for late journeys home.

Refreshing and rejuvenating, Fairy Fountain Dew is a well loved beverage with a curious source.

Long ago, a poor, old craftsman of no renown aimlessly wandered the land in search of work. On his travels, he happened upon an unusual cave, the entrance of which was made by seemingly unnatural means: the surrounding rocks were scorched, discolored, and crumbling as though by a great eruption. In this cave he found a beautiful fountain, carved with intricate patterns and some of the most wondrous architecture he had ever seen.

Unfortunately, the fountain was in a state of disrepair and looked to have been abandoned long ago. A great sense of duty filled the craftsman, and he worked to return it to its former splendor. He toiled tirelessly for many hours, in time successfully restoring as much of the structure as his meager supply allowed before falling asleep at the fountain's foot.

The craftsman woke the next day to the warm, soothing voice of a Great Fairy who floated serenely above the fountain, which flowed with an illuminated water. She explained that this was once her home and that it was destroyed in a time of serious turmoil many ages ago.

The old craftsman extended his sympathies and offered that he may dedicate himself to the upkeep of this fountain and those of the other Great Fairies if need be.

In thanks, the Great Fairy and her sisters rewarded the craftsman with a blessed spring hidden deep in the Forrest. Only the craftsman and those he permitted could find this secret source of illuminated water.

He would generously bring the sickly and tired to rest at the spring whenever the need arose, which lead to stories of its mystical properties spreading to more entrepreneurial ears.

For a short time, the craftsman charged those seeking to profit from the water, but this was only to the ends of his own charitable endeavors.

Though he no longer asks for payment from any who wish to partake in the spring, most establishments and merchants who retail the water make a point of providing compensation to the old craftsman regardless as a mark of appreciation for his compassion and selflessness. 

I'll be completely honest. The only reason I made this one was because I got a laugh out of the name!

I hope you've enjoyed today's post. Have suggestions? Questions? Ideas of your own? By all means! Feel free to let me know in a comment.

See you tomorrow for our third serving. Take care!

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