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Monday, February 13, 2017

A Zelda Project: Cafe Cucco #1


I've been feeling a bit unproductive as of late on the public writing front and, wanting to get out of my creative crawl, decided to take up a number of little projects, one of which you're reading now.

One of my older dreams in life was starting up my own bakery or chocolate shop. Though I'd probably set the kitchen on fire even if all I had was an ice-cube (Yes. I'm that bad), I've always had fun thinking of the things I might make given the opportunity. A lot of the ideas I have these days lean towards my love of games as opposed to ending up with anything edible, so I got to wondering why I couldn't just put together a fun menu based on a series I enjoy which, in this case, just so happens to be The Legend of Zelda.

Welcome to Cafe Cucco!

Every day for the next week (or more), I'll be posting a selection of dishes served by this cozy little cafe! I've had a lot of fun writing up a reference filled menu and putting together the accompanying assets.

I hope you'll join me for this daily project and let me know what you think. Have suggestions? By all means! Feel free to let me know what clever and delectable ideas you have.

In the meantime, take care. I'll see you for our first serving tomorrow!

P.S: That's a strange stamp up there... I wonder what it says?

Edit: This project is, as of now, complete! Each post is linked below for convenience:

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